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About Crinkstuff and Ollie Crinkelmeyer

Thank you for visiting this website!

I’m Ollie Crinkelmeyer, founder and owner of Crinkstuff. I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could!

I was born and raised in St Louis MO. After college at the University of Tulsa I went to work in the oil field industry, which moved me all over the western and southwestern parts of the US until I retired and settled in Austin Texas with my wife, Sandi. I have lived off and on in Texas for over 30 years and am intrigued with Texas history!

When I first moved to Texas, I was in awe of Texans’ pride and strived to study why! That is what brought me to buy and sell books about Texas… its history, epics about its founders and citizens, participation in the Civil War and other wars, legends and most non-fiction stories.
Now, I focus on dealing in Texas and Republic of Texas documents, maps, currency, art, and anything else related to this great state.

I am always looking to buy or sell nice Texas-related items. This includes items from the Republic years, to modern rarities. I enjoy creating relationships, and not just selling a book or piece of paper. Whether buying or selling, I look forward to meeting new people and learning new things.